Before I started working with Dani I ate relatively healthy and exercised regularly but just couldn’t seem to shift belly fat or build any lean muscle....these were the two things I really wanted to work on and see visible improvements. I know I wasn’t really overweight to begin with but by the end of the 8 weeks I had defined abs and an incredibly lean stomach, I was over the moon...I can’t even describe how amazing it felt! I’ve had so many compliments from Friends and Family on how my body has final BF was 13.9% and previously had been over 20%

I met Dani through work and always loved hearing her amazing, inspirational stories about how she changed the way she looked and felt, I knew that I needed her to help guide me towards a better lifestyle. 

Meeting Dani each week and being able to ask her questions at any time was the perfect amount of support, she gave me and understanding of the foods I should use and let me create dishes that I loved and suited me rather than telling me what to eat.  This made it such a fun process. Every week when we met and checked my BF% I would leave feeling so proud of myself and what I’d achieved.

 I will, and have recommended Dani to several of my friends. Dani has helped me create a sustainable lifestyle and changed my eating habits rather than putting me on a diet. I choose to be healthy and having the understanding of how food effects me is second nature now. I still have my treats occasionally which I enjoy more the less often I have them.

The main thing I’ve learned from working with Dani is that it’s not as hard as I thought, I don’t need to starve myself and healthy food tastes amazing. A high fat, low carb plan works wonders for my body and seriously helps fuel my Crossfit. I’ve never felt so energised and strong.

 If you want to make a change, I guarantee Dani will help you achieve your goals!

Thanks for everything