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Learn the key elements on how I kicked emotional eating to the curb and enjoy a LIVE Meditation usually reserved for my clients!

Unable to make it at 6pm? Don’t worry! Everyone who registers will receive a link to watch the replay the next day!

Hey you! Welcome to my Online Hangout - a place to connect and ask me questions as I share my key elements on how you can change up those die hard food habits - just like I did!

Too many women I’m speaking to give in to the fridge frenzy almost every evening and it drives them crazy with frustration. 

They've tried everything under the sun to stop doing it - yet nothing works for longer than a couple of days and they're starting to give up hope.

You see - it’s not about the food and that’s what women focus on - the end problem and not the factors behind why they’re turning to food.

So join me as we go through some fun and refreshing ways to nip emotional eating in the bud so you feel more calm in your day and stop turning to food as your crutch.

Make the most of this Online Hangout to ask me questions on how I navigated through changing those miserable habits and stick around until the end to receive a LIVE Meditation usually reserved for my clients.


In This online hangout, you will learn..

The Secret Steps I Used To Kick The Self-Sabotage Around Food For Life

The Hidden Motives That Make You Open That Fridge Or Pantry Door Over And Over, Even When You're Not Hungry

How To Thrive Through Your Day Instead Of Punishing Yourself

How To Stop The Constant Mind Noise Around Food To Tune In To What You Really Need For Ultimate Freedom

How To Become Present, Happy And Calm On a Day To Day Basis To Discover What's Right For You

Learn My Morning Practices That Keep Me On Track Every Single Day

How Journaling And Future Vision Work Can Strengthen Your Weight Loss Journey

🙏 PLUS - A LIVE Meditation To Move You Into A Calmer You To Get The Results You Want.. And You'll Stay There!


Meet some amazing women who are now living with vitality!

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register for the online hangout and learn how you can kiss goodbye the self-sabotage with food in a fun and refreshing way!

Who's Your Host..?

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Hi, I'm Dani

Dani's passion for what she does comes from her own journey.

Not wanting to dwell too much on the sad story, Dani was on the hamster wheel of life. There was constant scrutiny of her body in the mirror and punishment at the gym for the extra biscuits and red wine she had the day before when she told herself she wasn't allowed any treats until the weekend. It was relentless.

The hamster wheel continued until she discovered a motivator that switched her way of thinking on its head, quite by accident. This motivator was finding a beautiful CrossFit community and a new lifestyle was born. The woman that achieved greatness in her sport found her balance of eating well, exercising because she loved feeling the strength in her body and enjoying life to the max with social occasions, full of joy. Dani found that because there was a purpose to Living With Vitality, she was no longer restricting, berating and dieting because her mindset had done a 180.

Fuelled by wanting to know more about why die-hard habits become so engrained in our programming; Dani trained in the area of NLP and Time Line Therapy ® to facilitate women's journeys' to peel back the layers to reveal who they always were deep down at their core.

Having gone through those times, Dani understands that the last thing a woman wants is to go on yet another diet with an expiry date because it's just not sustainable. It took many years of making the same mistakes to be where she is now, serving so many amazing women who have created a healthy lifestyle from their unique blueprint to what works for them.

 In helping women to find freedom in Living With Vitality!, Dani steps well away from any kind of food plan or diet. Instead, she has created a system that connects your desires and intentions to make the very best choices for yourself, full of freedom to live your life on your terms.

are you ready to find out how i nipped emotional eating in the bud?

join us and have fun learning my secrets and enjoy a live meditation to help you cement the changes you desire


Yes! I cannot wait to see you at the Online Hangout to see how you can smash self-sabotage, align your choices to feel good and have FUN doing it. Welcome to YOU! The woman you always were deep down. She's ready!

Much love + Vitality!

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