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I see you, gorgeous woman.

You’re working so hard in your career or business and you’re amazing at what you do, producing phenomenal results, yet that spark is missing and you’re worn out, which is why you’re here.

On paper, life looks great as a successful woman in her business or career - you’re ticking all the boxes - the house, car, family, holidays, regular beauty sessions.. yet when you give yourself 5 minutes alone, when your head finally hits the pillow, there’s something deep within you niggling at discontentment and it’s showing in your complete lack of energy and zest for life.

Get ready to jump off that relentless hamster wheel, boost your energy and master your busy day!

I believe it’s every woman’s birthright to wake up with Vitality every day!

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You know you’re here for something far greater than you, with a vision to create the impact you desire.. yet you know you’re holding yourself back.

Imagine waking up with energy to start your day instead of snoozing the alarm and auto-piloting to the coffee machine for your first caffeine hit..

You crave to master yourself the way you’ve mastered other areas of your life putting that final piece of the puzzle in place, which means you ascend quickly and perform at your optimum.

.. yet you're on a constant cycle of rushing, ignoring your needs, feeling fraught and those cracks are starting to show. You’re done with holding yourself back because it’s not a reflection of the excellence you execute in other areas of your life.

And so I created this free audio: POWER UP! Increase Your Energy In 7 Minutes

7 minutes to go from drained to vibrancy that lasts all day meaning you’re calmer and getting shit done as you take back control! Motivated, energised and happier!

The audio contains neurological techniques usually reserved for my highly successful clients to embed commands in your unconscious mind (the part of your mind that holds the key to change) designed for you to excel in your day. This is the secret to long lasting energy and a new lease of life.

Look at the action you take in your life, your career and the results you continually create. Imagine the results you'd get if you applied this to your vitality too!

When I stopped going it alone and got the support I needed, everything got easier. And I want the same for you!

Download POWER UP! Audio: Increase Your Energy In 7 minutes

Hit ▶️on the video to learn how you can kickstart your morning in 7 minutes to own your day with vibrancy, ticking off that to do list and feeling fabulous in the process!

Imagine the difference this will make in your day, click below to kickstart your vibrancy now

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7 minutes to go from frazzled to fabulous and get that glint back in your eye

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Who is Dani ?

I help successful women in business or high-powered careers who are lacking purpose, motivation and a zest for life. They have no time for themselves and as a consequence have lost that deep connection with who they are as they go round and round on the unfulfilling hamster wheel. They fear their close relationships will suffer along with losing their identity as they head towards burnout, their reflection in the mirror moving further away from who they know they’re meant to be in this world - and they can’t tell anyone because of that deep fear of judgement.

They’re creating and demanding excellence across all aspect of their lives, yet fall short when it comes to their Vitality; that spark, that’s been missing for some time, and it’s frustrating. They’re done with wearing the ‘I got this’ mask and wavering smile, keeping up the polished facade and now ready to align across all areas of life to one that feels good and flows with ease.

My passion for what I do comes from my own journey.

Not wanting to dwell too much on the sad story, I was on the hamster wheel of life. There was no joy in my day and I was head down on autopilot feeling drained and totally lack lustre.

This hamster wheel continued for many years showing up in low energy, food restriction, binging on wine and snacks after work and not making the best decisions for myself. 

I discovered a technique that helped me undo everything that was no longer feeling good and this held the key to change. These techniques and tools have totally transformed my life to Living With Vitality, full of joy and motivation!

Fuelled by wanting to know more about why die-hard habits become so engrained in our programming; I trained in the area of NLP and Time Line Therapy ® to become a Master Practitioner to facilitate my signature coaching immersion; empowering women to peel back the layers revealing who they always were born to be.

By inspiring women to live a life that sets their soul on fire, I continually immerse myself in the world of mindset where long term change happens. I created this audio that connects you with your most energetic and best self as choices align with what you want, to thrive in your day full of Vitality and zest for life!

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Download your audio: Power Up! Increase Your Energy In 7 Minutes

Welcome to thriving with energy as you ignite the woman you were born to be to master your day!

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