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Here we are, the close of 2018. No surprises it feels like moments ago we were celebrating Xmas 2017!

I have to say, it's been one of the biggest years of my life because I made some scary decisions at the end of 2017 that paved the way for my successful year. That's not to say the change came easy! I had moments of wanting to do a 180 and run away from these decisions because they felt totally alien to me and freaking scary! (yes I did mention that)

I’m going to level with you

Had I not made these choices, I wouldn't be here writing this email to you; I'd probably be in a part-time job slowly killing my soul whilst trying to make my business work, stressed and unhappy, with no time for fun and enjoyment in life. 

You see, I was done with feeding myself the same excuses over and over, meaning I kept myself stuck in cycles of mediocrity around my business and I was done.


How does this relate to you?


Just like you’re an expert at the bad habits you keep on repeating - think about how many years you’ve run those patterns, a lifetime… yeah?

So it’s safe to say it’ll take a little while to unlearn those bad habits and create new ones to replace them.

Coming back to decisions.

I started living life ON PURPOSE.

I started questioning what I wanted to achieve.

I started calling out my sabotage and asking what it was all about.

I stopped wasting money trying to make the problem go away with wine, socialising, buying clothes I’d never wear and invested in my health and mindset.

And each time I made an empowered choice that served the woman I desire to be; the better I felt and wanted to keep repeating this process.

It was SO empowering to realise I no longer was a slave to my mind and being run by emotional eating. 

My choices started to simplify as I created my ethos:


And so I started running my day in accordance with how I want to feel and WOW my day started to change for the better.

And so now, having lived with Vitality for many years, I empower women to create these changes in their lives too. And I’m blessed to help these freaking amazing souls say NO to mediocrity and YES to a life they adore.

All of those times, you connected with my message and decided not to do anything. Why don’t you change that? RIGHT NOW! Get empowered and do something different that aligns with what you want!

My quest is that people say YES to themselves and live a life that sets their soul on fire…

If you know someone that’s been struggling and could do with these words; click the ‘Share’ button below or copy the link and send it to them in an email or txt. You’re amazing, thank you.

Much love,

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