"I'm now excited to wake up and live my life instead of existing day to day"


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Kacie was gripped with fear and had deeply ingrained blocks that stopped her living the life she wanted.

All her life she felt like she had to prove something, to fight to have her voice heard which ended in tense relationships and Kacie becoming what she hated most - a people pleaser.

Kacie knew she was destined for more and one day she said ENOUGH of the vicious cycles and said YES to Breakthrough With Dani.

In this raw, vulnerable yet fun conversation Kacie shares her story on how much life has changed since saying YES! to Breakthrough With Dani.

A favourite part of Kacie's Breakthrough for me was she unconsciously, took it upon herself to carry everyone's problems on her shoulders. After a particular clearing, she moved her neck and shoulders around and exclaimed that she felt lighter - she chose to release everyone else's shit that no longer served her. AMAZINGNESS!

Kacie now has a better relationship with herself, her children, her close family, her marriage is thriving and her business has taken off. She's on fire!

All because of one brave decision..

Settle in for an hour of soul connection and hear about why we have such happy faces x



This was Kacie the week before her Breakthrough and the image above in the video, is almost one month later. 


When you look in the mirror and see years of tension, anxiety and stress - it's time to take charge.

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