I did a Facebook LIVE this week taking women through how I remove the funk and move into vibing high with Vitality!

This has been a big game-changer in creating my life as it is now - because when I'm vibing high, EVERYTHING feels better.

Click the 'PLAY' button below!

I know that if I stay in those lower vibration for too long, it stops me in my tracks. Motivation wanes, sabotage and procrastination make themselves at home and my beautiful momentum stops.

It would begin to unravel the beautiful experiences I've created now, like here - as I write to you. And that simply cannot happen!

This time I'm in the beautiful wine region of Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux, France taking in the sights, food and wine - still working, business as normal - just in a hotter, different location!

I'd love to hear what came up for you and what resonated. Please leave a comment to share the love and your thoughts.

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Much love,

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